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Quake 3
Quake 3 Arena - Front.JPG
Developer(s) id Software
Publisher(s) Activision, Sega
Composer(s) Sonic Mayhem, Front Line Assembly
License Proprietary (artwork), GPL (engine)
Series Quake
Version 1.32c (2006-05-08)[1]
Platform(s) Dreamcast, IRIX, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 2, Xbox Live Arcade, Windows
Release date 1999-12-02 (Windows), 1999-12-07 (Linux), 2000 (Dreamcast), 2007 (Steam), 2008 (Xbox Live Arcade)
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
ESRB: M (Mature)
SELL: 16+
USK: 18+
SFB: 15+
System requirements Pentium II 233 MHz or AMD 350 MHz K6-2 processor or Athlon processor, 64MiB RAM, 3D graphics accelerator with full OpenGL support, 8 MiB VRAM, 60MiB HD space more...

Quake ]I[ Arena or Quake 3, abbreviated as Q3A or Q3, is a multiplayer first-person shooter released by id Software on December 2, 1999. It's the third title in the Quake series. An expansion pack titled Quake III: Team Arena was released in December 2000 by id Software. It focused on introducing team gameplay through new game modes and also included new weapons, items, and player models.

The game was featuring music composed by Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly.


Useful information


Quake 3 Arena status is now Abandonware. The game Engine (id tech 3) is now under GPL license and is free. Textures and sounds are still proprietary.

Latest version

The latest version is 1.32 but you have to download 1.32c patch to fix some security bugs.


  • Are their localized damages in Quake 3?

No, there are no localized damages.

  • Can I bind multiple action to a key, like aiming down and firing to make a rocket jump?

No, it would be cheating.

Game presentation


The greatest warriors of all time fight for the amusement of a race called the Vadrigar in the Arena Eternal. Welcome to the Arena, where high-ranking warriors are transformed into spineless mush. Abandoning every ounce of common sense and any trace of doubt, you lunge onto a stage of harrowing landscapes and veiled abysses. Your new environment rejects you with lava pits and atmospheric hazards as legions of foes surround you, testing the gut reaction that brought you here in the first place. Your new mantra: Fight or be finished.

Game modes

  • Deathmatch : Free for all deathmatch.
  • Team deathmatch : Teamplay deathmatch.
  • Tournament : 1-on-1.
  • Capture the flag : You'll have to get in the enemy base to take them flag and bring it back to your flag, witch is in your base.


Weapons Description
Gauntlet.JPG Gauntlet
  • Classification: Melee saw.
  • Fiering range: As close as possible.
  • Effectiveness: Good
  • Techniques: Use it when you're falling from a high place.
Q3 machine gun.JPG Machinegun
  • Classification: Automatic Machinegun.
  • Fiering range: Far.
  • Effectiveness: Medium.
  • Techniques: Good to finish targets from a far distance.
Q3 shootgun.JPG Shotgun
  • Classification: Automatic shotgun.
  • Fiering range: Close to medium.
  • Effectiveness: Good.
  • Techniques: Rush to steal frags.
Q3 grenade launcher.JPG Grenade Launcher
  • Classification: Explosive ammunition weapon.
  • Fiering range: Close.
  • Effectiveness: Medium.
  • Techniques: Grenade jump. Use it indoors. Effective in corridors or tiny places.
Q3 rox.JPG Rocket Launcher
  • Classification: Explosive ammunition weapon.
  • Fiering range: Medium.
  • Effectiveness: Good.
  • Techniques: Rocket jump. Try to shoot on surfaces near your target path.
Q3 Lightning Gun.JPG Lighting Gun
  • Classification: Electric weaponry .
  • Fiering range: Medium.
  • Effectiveness: Good.
  • Techniques: Good to fight indoors without being too close.
Railgun.JPG Railgun
  • Classification: Laser weaponry.
  • Fiering range: Very Far.
  • Effectiveness: Excellent.
  • Techniques: Good to frag targets in the air. Becareful with reload time.
Q3 plasmagun.JPG plasma Gun
  • Classification: Automatic Machinegun.
  • Fiering range: Close to medium.
  • Effectiveness: Good.
  • Techniques: Plasma climbing.
Q3 BFG.JPG BFG 10k (Big Fucking Gun or Bio Force Gun)
  • Classification: Automatic bio-gun
  • Fiering range: Close to far.
  • Effectiveness: Excellent.
  • Techniques: BFG jump.


Items Description
Q3 quaddamage.JPG Quad Damage

Multiplies all of your weapons' damage points by 3 times their value during 30 seconds[2].

Q3 Regeneration.JPG Regeneration

Regenerates your health up to 200 by five points every second while you have it during 30 seconds.

Q3 haze.JPG Haste

Doubles the speed at which your weapons fire and double your runnig speed during 30 seconds.

Q3 fly.JPG Flight

Enables you to fly during 30 seconds.

Q3 invisibility.JPG Invisibility

Makes you nearly invisible to your enemies during 30 seconds.

Q3 battleshield.JPG Battle suit

Protects you from lava, slime, drowning, and even splash damage from weapons and decrease enemy damages for 30 seconds.

Q3 teleport.JPG Personal Teleporter

This handy little item will transport you out of harm's way to another random spot in the level when used.

Q3 health.JPG Medkit

The medkit can be activated when the user chooses, and it works like an adrenaline shot. You'll get an instant boost of your health, right up to 125 points.

Around the game

A free web client version of Quake III Arena, where players can log on and engage in combat right on their PC systems over a standard web browser. Gameplay will be free for users, with advertising support to pay for usage. An incredible and impressive work.

This is a student project witch aimed to make quake III Arena in raytraced rendering.

Game tweaks

Commands user guide

That will show you how to use a command properly for each different usage. (example with enabling the frame rate counter) Note that if you just remember the beginning of a command just type it then press TAB key.

Location Forms Utility
Console cg_drawFPS 1 To have an immediate effect (most of the time)
"x".cfg cg_drawFPS “1” To have multiple .cfg files (meaning multiple configuration files). By default, if you name a new .cfg file as autoexec.cfg, this file will load every time Quake 3 is launched. Should you wish you may have several such additional .cfg files, e.g. sp.cfg and mp.cfg could be used to contain your preferred settings for single player and multiplayer. These can be loaded via the console using the command exec sp.cfg and pressing the Enter key.
qConfig.cfg seta cg_drawFPS “1” To have an automatic loading of your command at starting. Quake 3 automatically loads qConfig.cfg every time the game is loaded (this is where it stores all settings). The values here are prefixed with seta as this is the value to be loaded every time Quake 3 is launched
Quake 3 shortcut "C:\Quake 3\Quake3.exe" +set cg_drawFPS 1 To force the game to initiate a command when it start

Creating your own .cfg file is simple. Create a new file and rename it to yourname.cfg. This can be opened with any text editor (Word, Notepad, etc) You may want to create several game shortcuts to have your .cfg files loaded automatically. Example : "C:\Quake 3\Quake3.exe" + set exec sp.cfg.

Useful Console commands

(Change x and bolt text by desired value.)

Command Explanation
/bind "say x" Binds a message to a key.
/bot_nochat x (0 or 1) Stops the bots chat.
/devmap map name Enables cheat mode.
/headmodel name of the model Changes the aspect of your head with the one of another model.
/cg_centertime x (0 to 3) Changes the time the frag message is posted.
/cg_drawFPS x (0 or 1) Display frame rate counter.
/cg_fov x (default 90) Changes field of vision.
/cg_zoomfov x Changes the zoom's angle of vision.
/cg_lagometer x (0 or 1) Enables the Lag O Meter.
/cg_draw2D x (0 or 1) Stops rendering 2D objects from the HUD
/cg_gibs x (0 or 1) Skips rendering of gibs.
/cg_shadows x (0 to 2) Changes the aspect of the players shadows (0 = remove shadows, 1 = small circle, 2 = projected shadows).
/cg_thirdperson x (0 or 1) Changes first person view to Third person view (cheat protected).
/cg_thirdpersonAngle x Changes the Y axis of the camera in third person view (cheat protected).
/cg_thirdpersonRange x Changes the range of the camera in third person view (cheat protected).
/cg_railTrailTime x Changes how much time the railgun trail is rendered.
/cg_oldrail x (0 to 1) Brings back the old Quake II rail gun render.
/colorx Changes the circle color of the rendered Quake II rail gun.
/g_friendlyFire x Activates or deactivate friendly fire.
/Levelshot Takes a small screenshot witch will be linked to your edited level (CHEAT PROTECTED)
/com_maxfps x (recommended 125) Defines the amount of calculated frames per seconds. After that, the game may be more or less fluid.
/com_hunkMegs x (minimum recommended 128) Defines the video memory used by the game.
/com_zonemegs x (minimum recommended 32) Defines the memory used by the game.
/com_soundmegs x (minimum recommended 32) Defines the sound memory used by the game.
/r_picmip x (1 to 10) Glids textures. You can used it to have a more fluid game and a cleared view.
/r_dynamiclight x (0 or 1) Removes or adds a useless light effect (increases/decreases performance).
/r_railWidth x , r_railCoreWidth x , r_railSegmentLength x Changes the aspect of the rail gun shot.
/sv_strictauth x (0 to 1) Skips the key check during connection (server command)

Full console command list

Adjustment advices

The first things to do when you've just installed the game is to type com_maxFPS 125 and com_hunkmegs 128 in the console.

Custom resolution

To change the rendered resolution of the game you'll need to specify witch width and witch height you'd like to use.

r_customwidth "x"

r_customheight "x"

Then type /r_mode -1 to activate your custom resolution.

Note that your field of view will be a bit decreased between 4/3 and other custom resolution.


Here is how to bind multiple command to a key. Example with the key m and the command "cg_thirdperson 1" and "cg_thirdpersonAngle 160"

You have to enter (with quotation mark) /bind m "cg_thirdperson 1 ; cg_thirdpersonAngle 160"

To connect them use ;

You can also bind a key to a command and an action like this : /bind u "say TOO EASY ; +boutton3 ; -button3" (+button3 is for gesture)

Colour your name

You can colour the letters in your name by using ^ followed by a value from 0 to 7, to get black letters in your name use ^^0.

/name ^1C^2o^3l^4o^5u^6r^7s

Will show your name as:


Key Colour

Tips & tricks

  • To defeat the boss in Nightmare mode :

You'll have to hide behind pillars and wait for him. When he will jump to your platform you'll hear him, just throw your rockets to where he 'll touch the floor.

  • Doing a rocket or BFG jump :

Just look down, jump and shoot the floor with the BFG or the rocket launcher. Time between jumping and firing will determinate how high and how fare you'll jump. (To use the best of the game physics use com_max_fps 125)

  • Trick Jumping :
Overbouncing : An overbounce is a distance above the ground that will allow you to overbounce if you were to fall from that point.
Rocket Climbing : The concept is just to use several rocket jumps to propel yourself up a wall or tall barrier to reach the top. The only difference is that you need to aim the rocket jump off the wall instead of off the ground.
Rocket Jumping Concepts : Combining a rocket jump with another weapon is a great way to get somewhere fast. Grenades and a rocket jump make for a good party, but you can go from a rocket jump into a plasma climb as well if you like.
Grenade Jumping : Grenades have a timer of roughly three seconds. Fire a grenade and time the explosion so that your are slightly past the grenade when it explodes. This will push you forward and up. Simple enough. Now try for two grenades in a row. Fire a grenade... then fire a second some distance out. Try to time them so that the blast from the first pushes you into the blast from the second explosion.
Plasma Climbing : Find yourself a wall. Look down. Notice where the wall and floor meet? Aim about 2 centimeters above the line where the floor and wall meet. Press Forward and hold it. Jump and then hold Fire before you start coming back down from the jump... Let go of Jump but keep holding Forward and Fire. Keep that mouse steady! You are now plasma climbing!
Plasma Jumping : Plasma Jumping is useful when you need just a little more distance. It is performed exactly the same way as a rocket jump, except you are using plasma.
Circle jump : Face at a 90 degree angle to the direction you intend to go. What you are doing is setting up for the first step in a circle jump. You face at that 90 degree angle and when you start, you turn your mouse to face ahead and at the same time press forward and the strafe key that takes you towards the edge. When you hit the edge you jump. What that 90 degree turn did was maximize your starting acceleration.
Bunnyhopping : Bunnyhopping is simply pressing the jump key before you land, so that you jump immediately again upon landing. You need to do this while strafing. If you are on the ground for more than a split second you will lose ALL speed.
Beat Strafes : This pattern of jumping gives you the fastest acceleration possible. Every time you press jump you should be doing 2 things; First off, hold forward and do not release until you are done strafing. 1st jump - look left - hold key for strafe left, 2nd jump - look right, hold key for strafe right, 3rd jump - look left - hold key for strafe left, 4th jump - look right - hold key for strafe right.

Here are the Demos of trick jumps, just put them in your baseq3/Demo folder and change the file extension if needed.
Standard Rocket jump (RJ) (more info)
Rocket climbing (more info)
Double Rocket jump (more info)
Standard Grenad jump (more info)
Standard Plasma climb (more info)
Plasma jump (more info)
2nd Plasma jump demo (more info)
The infamous q3dm6 circle jump (more info)

In order to watch the demo below you'll need the opc1 map (more info), put it in your baseq3 directory.
Circle jump (more info)
1 beat Starffing (more info)
2 beat straffing (more info)


Note that cheats only works in single player mode. Or if server have set sv_cheats to 1. Display the console at any point in the game (during game play or at any screen). Type /devmap map name

Use the one of the following values for <map name>:
q3dm(1 to18) or q3tourney(1 to 6)
Or, you can use any custom map (leave off the map extension *.bsp)

Enter one of the following console commands to activate the corresponding cheat function :

Code Effect
/iamacheater All skills unlocked at skill 1
/iamamonkey All skills unlocked at skill 100
/god Toggle God mode
/noclip Toggles no clipping mode
/give all All weapons and ammo
/give x Spawn indicated item
/g_gravity Change gravity (0 to 800)
/give quad damage Quad damage
/give flight Flight ability
/give invisibility Invisibility
/g speed Move faster (default is 320)
/give regeneration Regenerate damage
/give battle suit Give the battle suit powerup
/give mega health 100 health over the limit

Launching & connecting to a server

  • To create an internet server :

You'll have to open the port 27960 in your rooter or firewall. If you didn't do it no one would be able to establish the connection.

  • If players get an error message :

(invalid CD key or something like that) when they're try to connect. The solution is to type sv_strictAuth 0 in the console (server command).

  • To see every server around the world :

You can install The-All-Seeing-Eye (udpsoft.com/ Official website).

  • Creating a dedicated server :
To start a server that does not report to the master server, use the following command line convention :
quake3.exe +set dedicated 1
To start a server that notifies the master server of its presence, use the following command line convention :
quake3.exe +set dedicated 2

Note that if clients doesn't see your server in the servers browser, they'll have to specify the server IP.

Useful Server commands

(Change x and bolt text by desired value.)

command Explanation
/sv_maxclients x Sets the maximum amount of clients that can connect to the server. The default setting is 8.

Setting should be increased for large free for all, team deathmatch, or CTF maps.

/sv_privatePassword password Sets a password on the server so only clients that know the password can connect to the server.

Clients use the \password command. The default is for no password required. Set to "" for no password.

/sv_hostname name of your server Sets the server name that will show up in the master server list.

The name must be enclosed in quotes if a space is in the name.

/sv_master1 Sets the primary master server to which your server reports.

The default is master3.idsoftware.com and it is not recommended that this be changed.
Additional master servers can be added with the sv_master2 through 5 command.
The maximum number of masters that can be reported to is 5.

/sv_maxRate x Sets the maximum allowable rate a client may have set when connected to the server.

The default is 0, which is no limit.
A suggested setting is 8000 or 10000 so server bandwidth is not used up by high speed clients,
thus allowing modem players to have a smoother game.

/sv_pure (1 or 0) Controls crc/zip check of client pk3 files to make sure the pk3 file has not been modified

for cheating or other purposes. Client pk3 files must match that of the server to connect.
The default is set to 1, or on. Set to 0 to turn off check.

/status Shows the client number (num), score, ping, player name (name),

client IP address (address), and port connected through (qport).
Client number is used in conjunction with the kick command.

/kick num Removes a player from the server. Particularly useful for removing disruptive players.

To kick a player, first find the number (num) associated with the player name via the status command.

/capturelimit x Sets the number of flag captures that must be reached before the level ends and the next level starts in CTF.

Setting capturelimit only has an effect if the server is in CTF mode.

/fraglimit x Sets the amount of frags that much be reached before the level ends and the next level starts.

Setting fraglimit to 0 results in no fraglimit.

/timelimit Sets the number of minutes that must be reached before the level ends and the next level starts.

Setting timelimit to 0 results in no fraglimit.

/rconpassword server password Sets remote console password so clients may change server settings without direct access to the server console.

The default is set to none. Client can control the server by entering commands on the console with the format of
\rconpassword password and then adding server commands after the \rcon command.

/g_friendlyFire x Activates or deactivate friendly fire.
killserver Will stop all server services from running but leaves the Quake III Arena executable running on the server.
/g_warmup x Sets the amount of time in seconds that players may practice before the actual tournament match starts.

The default is 20 seconds.

/g_gametype name of the game type Controls the type of gameplay (free for all, tournament, team deathmatch, CTF).

The default is 0, which is for free for all. Set to 1 for tournament 1 on 1 mode.
Set to 3 for team deathmatch mode. Set to 4 for CTF mode.

/g_motd Sets the message that clients will see when they first connect to your server.
/g_weaponsrespawn x Used to set the number of seconds between the time a weapon is picked up and the time it respawns.

The default is 5 seconds in free for all and should only be modified if a free for all server has
a large number of players on it, in which case lower it slightly.

/g_allowvote Enable players connected to the server to call for and vote on changes including : map, map restart,

kick, and g_gametype. The default is 1, which is on. Set to 0 to turn off voting.

/sv_strictauth x (0 to 1) Skips the key check during connection.

Network adjustment

Clients network adjustment

  • This configuration is for ADSL or higher :

/snap x (between 30 and 40) /rate 25000 /cl_maxpackets 125

  • Configuration for LAN games :

/snap x (between 30 and 40) /sv_fps x (90 to 125)

  • If you want to decrease your ping while playing online, you may want to use time nudge:
    • /cl_timenudge -20 if your ping is between 30 and 60
    • /cl_timenudge -40 if your ping is between pinging 61 and 99
    • /cl_timenudge -60 if your ping is between pinging over 100

Note that the server has to be configured to allow time nudge.

Servers network adjustment

  • Configuration for internet servers :

/sv_maxRate x (8000 to 10000) /snap x (between 30 and 40) /cl_maxpackets 125 /sv_fps x (30 to 60)

  • Configuration for LAN servers :

/sv_maxRate 0 (0 means no limit) /snap 40 /sv_fps 125 /cl_maxpackets (minimum 125)

Most famous problems


  • If your visor doesn't move when you move your mouse here is the solution.

Go to Control panel => mouse => pointer options then disable "enhance pointer precision" and apply. After that get back in your mouse control panel and enable "enhance pointer precision".

Yet, you can launch Quake 3.

  • If you want to use mouse5 key or other stuff like this you'll have to use CPAM mode. To continue using Quake 3 1.32 without mode you can download the ChalengeQ3.exe to launch the game and use mouse5.

Can't minimize Quake 3

The Quake 3 window can't be minimized by standard methods (ALT+TAB, etc). To enable minimization, you'll need a special utility, like:

  • Quake 3 minimizer, which you can download here: Q3e minimizer 151.zip (more informations).
  • Minimizor, which supports a lot of games (Enemy Territory, Quake 2/3/4, COD 1/2/3/4...). The main advantage of this program is that it will adjust the resolution as well as the gamma when switching between game and desktop, and even in case of a game crash. You can download it on their official website (you may need to scroll down a bit as the site mixes news about a few pieces of software).

My .CFG is a big mess

Just open it with Notepad++, Notepad 2 or even WordPad.

Key unbindable

In fact, mouse5 is unbindable in v1.32 but with CPMA mod it's bindable, and with OSP mod executable you'll be able to bind mouse5. Another unbindable key is the <> key on AZERTY keyboards.

Best mods

CPMA (Chalenge Pro Mode Arena)

This mod is one of the most famous mods. Aimed to improve Quake 3 Arena, it enhances the physics of the game and adds many options. There is also some new maps. Promode comes from a quote by John Carmack, the man behind the Quake series, asking for improved gameplays for competitive play. Challenge Promode Arena (CPMA) is designed for a fast-paced, competitive deathmatch game that combines different parts of all the Quake games into a game that is deep and rewarding, giving back to players the more they play it.

OSP (Orange Smoothie Production)

Used for competition. (see the ABOUT section on the Official website).


Initially designed as a competition mod based on timed run challenges and tricks-jump contests, defrag has evolved into a general tool which gathers the facilities needed to provide a convenient environment for performing tricks-jumping, challenging, training, or for simply having fun.

Rocket Arena

The concept of Rocket Arena is simple. Put two players in an arena. Give them full weapons and ammo. Take away powerups. Take away weapon pickups. Take away ammo and armor pickups. Take away everything except the enemy. Then fight... and see who's left standing. No longer is the winner determined by who can run the level the best or time the quad or get the best weapons. Everyone begins as equals, and only their fighting skill will keep them alive. note that in this mod your weapons can't make damages to yourself, this is exactly what you need to make rocket jumps and other plasma climbs.

High Quality Mod

This mode enhances the game graphics.

World of Padman

WoP is a total conversion game made for local and internet play. This mod is oriented towards fun gameplay in a strange, lilliput-style universe. After the source code for Quake III Arena was made open source, this mod became standalone.

Recording videos

  • Internet : First of all the server must be set to g_synchronousclient 1. Then anyone can type recorddemo to record a demo and stopdemo to stop recording demo. It should be a bit laggy. if it's too laggy try sv_fps 90 and g_synchronousclient 0.

  • LAN : First of all the server must be set to sv_fps 125 and g_synchronousclient 1. Then anyone type recorddemo and server type g_synchronousclient 0. Type stopdemo to stop recording demo.

  • AVI demo : After having recorded a demo you can run it by the demo menu of the game. Then you can use the command cl_avidemo x to make x screenshots per seconds during the replay (recommanded value is 30). Then type cl_avidemo 0 to stop it. Then you can use programs like pjBMP2AVI or Adobe Premiere to change it into a video.

  • Effects : To make a small color effect you can type r_colormiplevel 1.

  • Axis of view : to change axis of view during a replay the best is to bind keys. For example bind F5 "cg_thirdperson 1 ; cg_thirdpersonRange 70 ; cg_Draw2D 0" and to bring it back bind F6 "cg_thirdpersonRange 40 ; cg_thirdperson 0 ; cg_Draw2D 1".

  • Tools :

Seismovision is a powerful tool specially aimed to record videos on quake 3 Arena.
QVM (Quake Video Maker) This is another powerful tool aimed to record videos on quake 3 Arena.
Quake Movie Maker Another powerful tool aimed to record videos on quake 3 Arena.
Zcam, Cam Tracer A camera tracer in witch you can easily change views.



Quake 3 Team Arena's official trailer :


Gameplay in Q3DM17 map :

Community video

A requiem for Quake 3 Arena...


Q3 screenshot 1.jpg Q3 shot0004.jpg Q3 shot0005.jpg Q3 schot1s.jpg Q3 schot11s.jpg Q3 schot12s.jpg Q3-Screenshotx-Q3dm6.jpg Q3-Screenshotx-Xaero.jpg Quake3-XD.jpg

System requirements

Official system requirements

In order to run Quake 3 Arena, your PC must meet or exceed the following requirements[3]

  • 3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL support
  • Pentium 233Mhz MMX processor with 8 MiB video card, or Pentium II 266Mhz processor with 4 MiB video card, or AMD 350Mhz K6-2 processor with 4 MiB video card
  • 64 MiB of RAM
  • 60MiB hard disk space (25 MiB for minimum install + 45 MiB for swap file)
  • 4X CD-ROM drive (600KB/s)
  • Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98/NT 4.0-compatible 28.8 Kbps (or faster) modem

Good system requirements

  • Pentium II 400Mhz processor with 16 MiB Video Card or AMD 600 MHz processor with 16 MiB Video Card
  • DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card
  • 128 kbps modem

Awesome system requirement

  • Voodoo 5 or Geforce 2 GTS
  • Pentium 800Mhz or AMD equivalent
  • 512 MiB RAM
  • 700 MiB hard disk space
  • ADSL modem (512 kbps)

External links


  1. Patch 1.32c download on QuakeUnity.com
  2. Quad Damage on Quake Wikia
  3. id Software: Quake III Arena System Requirements

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